25 June 2012

The Lucky 7 Post

I was one of the 'Lucky 7' authors tagged by the versatile blogger and writer Rosalind Smith-Nazilli (follow @Mrsnazilli ) What you are supposed to do is go to page 7 or 77 in your current manuscript, go to line 7 and post the next seven lines or sentences.  Once you’ve done that, you can choose 7 other authors to tag (and hope they can find the time to do the same.)

My current WIP could actually help them all find the time, as  it is a non-fiction book and has 100 tips on how to be more productive. Now in the final stages of editing, I've really appreciated the encouragement and support of some of the top experts in the field on both sides of the Atlantic, who have generously contributed some great quotes.

I don't think seven lines from a management book are really in the spirit of the Lucky 7 posts, however, so instead I offer seven lines from page seven of my other 'WIP' - my second novel which I will soon return to once Personal Productivity is published.

With the provisional title 'The Shell' it is set in Africa (where I used to live) and about a couple who are kidnapped from the beach in Mombasa by Somali pirates. Here are the seven sentences:

 In Amboseli she found a tarantula under her bed. Steve didn’t believe her but she knew a tarantula when she saw one and had to kill it with her shoe before she could go to sleep.
  She watched as Steve disappeared into the bathroom and guessed he would be checking out the shower. He was no good at folding shirts but great at understanding how to use shower controls. The sound of a powerful shower came from the bathroom and Steve emerged looking pleased with himself.
  ‘Want to go first?’ He had taken off his shirt and she could see the scar, a legacy of the car accident that had nearly killed him.

The 'Lucky 7' authors I nominate (and if you don't already, recommend you follow, as each has in some way made me think about my writing) are:

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