12 November 2012

Guest Post by Ruby Stone, Author of The Splintered Circle - A Dorset & Channel Island WWII Mystery

I suppose everyone toys with the idea of writing a book, but very often, as in my case, work and other time constraints, means that good ideas come and go, drifting with no written commitment, lost forever.  I started to write 'The Splintered Circle' around five years ago and a few chapters fell into place quickly but I stalled when I lost confidence.  I had no way of knowing whether my writing was any good. 

I tend to be a binge writer, losing myself in writing for hours, but when revisiting I'm over-critical and become disenchanted.  After a year's break, I picked up again and decided to seek out some professional editing.  I found 'Bubblecow', whose owners are published authors and their feedback was, luckily, energising.  No-one really 'welcomes' criticism but once I knew my failings – mostly easily rectified – like tenses, how to present thoughts, for example, I was well away!  I chipped away at the novel in a more structured way - set myself targets, determined to finish and self-publish my e-book, which I finally achieved in July 2012.

It still feels strange.  My own novel on Amazon!  I currently use their KDP facility, which limits me to some extent, as I am unable to sell my e-book through other outlets, but as I am such a novice, I temporarily have to accept my limitations.

The Splintered Circle - A Dorset & Channel Island WWII Mystery

The novel is an 'historical mystery'.  Those who have visited the Channel Islands will know about the German invasion and subsequent occupation of Guernsey during the Second World War.  My great aunts stayed behind during the the Occupation.  My parents were evacuated from Guernsey to the North of England.  These events obviously affected them deeply in many ways, but it also gave me an insight and the reflective parts of the novel draw heavily on memories of their stories.

As for all the other beautiful areas in the United Kingdom which my characters visit?  I've been lucky enough to visit them all – Smoo Cave in Scotland, Portmeirion in Wales, Mevagissy in Cornwall.  I actually live in Dorset where three of the main characters reside, plus I grew up in Guernsey and still visit family there regularly. 

I have a board on Pinterest which shows some of the locations and hope my knowledge and enthusiasm for the places visited in the book comes across positively in my writing. 'The Splintered Circle' e-book is available for Kindle download for UK Readers and for US Readers

About Ruby Stone

The Splintered Circle is the first novel from Ruby, who lives in Dorset, UK, with her partner and cat, where she share a beautiful wildlife garden with various wild creatures. Follow Ruby's blog and find her on twitter 

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