10 June 2014

Guest Post ~ Myriad Hues by Rachna Gupta

"The words used are simple; the language refined and yet, touching. This book brings out the author’s interpretation of things and changes them into images that stare out from the pages of the book." 

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About Myriad Hues

As a young girl I was always fascinated by nature. I would spend time sitting on the banks of a river, near my house, listening to the water and the birds nearby. Often I would look up and notice the habits of a few people who came there to wash their clothes or utensils. This fascination of mine never ceased, everywhere I went I noticed little things around me and then began writing them down in my notebook. As time passed by, those chosen words became poems and I finally found a way of turning my habit into a passion - poetry.

With the passing of time, I got my work published and enjoyed the fact that people appreciated my work, but since I was too young to realize what I actually wanted to do, I also ventured into other professions I was good at – Teaching and Interior Designing. It was the demise of my father that brought me back to reality, it made me give wings to my dreams and do what I was best at. These days I live in a beautiful city in India. This city, like the one I left behind is covered by mountains that beckon, waterfalls that sing and trees that dance in the wind, and all this provides me with the inspiration to write. I write because it gives me inner peace, every time I write I realize that the world is a beautiful place and that there is so much to thank God for.

Myriad Hues is about the way I think, the hues I see the world in. It is about me, and yet it is about all of us, our lives, our dreams, our fears, our struggles and the things that we find peace in.

Rachna Gupta

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About the Author

Rachna Gupta grew up in the picturesque town of Siliguri, a little haven that is surrounded by mountains and tea gardens that provided her the inspiration to write poems and stories. She has spent the last few years writing a variety of articles for buzzle.com and infojug.com. Her poems and short stories can also be found on writing.com. She has also published two of her poems in the Taj Mahal Review, December 2013 issue. When Rachna is not teaching primary children English, she is busy looking after her son and taking notes about things she notices in her surroundings. At the end of the day, when her chores are finally done and the rest of the world sleeps, these notes are transformed into poems and stories for the world to read. Rachna has a website at http://www.myriadhues.com/ and is on Twitter @GuptaRach.

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