9 August 2014

Book Review ~ 5 Star Selling: From Beginning to Excellence, by Lee Davis

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I like to think of it as ‘influencing skills’ rather than ‘selling’ but, whatever you call it, we all need to do it well.  Career sales manager Lee Davis wrote this book for his son, Ryan, who was starting his first sales job and asked his dad for advice. Lee couldn’t find any sales books on the market found that quite fitted the bill, as most covered more advanced topics.

5 Star Selling: From Beginning to Excellence  is a great collection of tips and timeless basics aimed squarely at anyone new to sales, to offer them the best possible start. I liked the way each chapter is followed by a list of the key points and illustrated by Lee’s real-life examples from over thirty years of practical experience in the field.

I also liked the way his approach is based on positive values. He says, ‘People like to be around enthusiastic, positive people. Brighten their day by your presence. An unconscious habit of mine, when people asked how I was doing, was always to answer, “Excellent.” Even if things weren’t that good, they seemed better.’

I’m happy to recommend this book to anyone, not just those thinking of a career in sales and marketing, as it is really about how to communicate ideas and help meet people’s needs with integrity. Excellent!

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About the Author

Lee Davis’ successful career spanned over 35 years in selling and sales management for a Fortune 500 company. After retiring he began working and consulting in market research and sales training for companies that wanted to supplement their own efforts in these areas.

Lee is married with two children. Lee and his wife Jacque spend time between consulting and training contracts enjoying the scenic beauty of America and visiting many of the historic sites exhibiting our national heritage. Find out more at his website http://5starselling.com/.

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