17 October 2014

Guest Post ~ ImagiNation Unveiled: The Hidden Realm, by Judy Probus

"A fascinating fantasy novel ... reading this book felt very much like I was watching an episode of Avatar meets Indiana Jones in space." - MuggleNet.com, the #1 Harry Potter website 

"I think this could have the potential to be this generation's answer to The Never Ending Story!" - NarniaFans.com 

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Across the Cosmos spins a once peaceful planet now under siege by an evil sorceress, an exiled member of the royal family, and thousands of soldiers in the army they wield.

In a last ditch effort, the oldest member of the benevolent empire scans the solar system for help. He locates three earthlings who he believes are uniquely capable of completing a secret mission with Zhii, the Imperor’s daughter.

The fate of the universe hinges on unlikely shoulders. The quartet is tasked with finding and assembling the Crystal Heart, a mysterious and powerful weapon that was broken and scattered throughout the ImagiNation centuries ago. Their adventure takes them on a quest to the four corners of the alien planet where magic, danger, and fantastical creatures lurk. But even if they succeed in their quest for the Crystal Heart, they must use it against their evil foes in an epic battle that is destined to take place on the Crystal Castle’s front lawn.

In a world of such skepticism, where what can be seen or touched is paramount, only the youngest at heart or those with extraordinary imaginations could believe a descendant of the most elite line of dragons survives… Each inquisitive soul must decide if they dare to believe a dragon-sized tale that spins mortals, aliens, sorcery, and fantastical creatures together…

Thanks for inviting me to your site, Tony. Hikari Ryuu (Ryuu), my dragon, and I are happy to have landed in such a wonderful place. Above is the synopsis on the back cover of the novel and a short snippet from inside the supplement that contains backstories, a map of the ImagiNation, and sketches of several main characters.

I met my dragon on a flight to New York. The beauty of the skies sparked my creative muse like never before. I returned home with the determination to write a novel. Later that week, while waiting at a stoplight, I envisioned my dragon sitting on my steering wheel! The other characters formed in my mind shortly thereafter.

My YA fantasy/adventure story is about young people from two worlds who face extraordinary circumstances without possessing innate superpowers. They must solve a series of rhymes and use the Ancient Ways on their quest to find a powerful ancient Crystal Heart. Instead of relying on technology, they must rely on the power of their imaginations, courage, ingenuity, and faith in one another in order to save the universe from destruction.

In real life, young people face many challenges these days yet they possess some of the world’s most potent imaginations, which I believe to be the most powerful and under-appreciated renewable resource in the universe. Krycling the ice monster; Vargon the ogre of the forest; his minions the Stump Dwellers; Master Mantis the crystal wizard; Vahdeema the evil sorceress; the magical Itz; Dillywogs; the space-age Trolls; and of course, Hikari Ryuu, the courageous young dragon are just some of the fantastical characters readers of the book will have fun discovering.

Imagine on!

Judy Probus
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About the Author

Judy Probus is the author of the adventure fantasy novel ImagiNation Unveiled: The Hidden Realm. Her husband Bill and extended family reside in Kentucky, “The Unbridled State” – a perfect place and state of mind for a writer of adventure fantasy tales. Judy possesses a B.S. and Masters in Education, experience in the performing arts and teaching, and has volunteered countless hours in the local school system. Besides writing, Judy enjoys reading, listening to music, watching sports and movies, gardening, traveling, and learning new things about Earth and beyond. Discover Judy’s imagination and what inspires her to write at ImagiNationUnveiled.com and follow her on Twitter @JudyProbus

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