13 January 2015

Book Review ~ How to Succeed in Hollywood without really Acting: Practical inspirational insider secrets to achieving your potential by Peter Skagen

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Packed with anecdotes, insider tips and quotes, How to Succeed in Hollywood without really Acting is a must-read for aspiring actors. Describing it as ‘the easiest job in the world’, he then continues to show how acting requires absolute commitment and dedication - but surprisingly, the one thing you must never do is ‘act’.
Peter Skagen draws widely on his personal experience of the profession, and explains, ‘Hollywood doesn’t really want actors. It wants the guy from the story to walk in the door, being the guy, saying what the guy says, doing what the guy does, willing and able to do it for the camera.’  

I was fascinated by the ‘behind the scenes’ secrets. A day’s television shooting can include as many as forty set-ups, at an average of half an hour a time, so it can be a long hard day for everyone concerned. Story and Craft also recognises the huge team, always there to support actors in every way from the writers coming up with great lines to specialists in everything from props to lighting and make-up.

Even if you never dreamed of becoming an actor, this great book will help you understand those who do.  I’ll leave the last word to Peter: 'You wanted to be an actor. Welcome to the show!'

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About the Author

Peter Skagen is a working actor, writer, director, singer and coach. He obtained an MA in film production from California State Northridge before pursuing an active career in the film industry. He is the former instructor of directing at the Vancouver Film School and works extensively as a film actor. His productions credits include, Monte Walsh, Tom Stone, Roughing It, and Lonesome Dove. Find Peter Skagen on Twitter @peterskagen and visit his website http://www.auditionhell.com/

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