11 February 2015

Blog Tour with Jane A. Hobden, Author of The Hartford Inheritance

As a child, Kitty Harmer had her world turned upside down when her twin sister, Sarah, was taken into care. Now aged 26 and struggling, she is contacted about the inheritance of a property she has never heard of miles away. Kitty seizes the opportunity and moves into Belford Hall, set on acres of land in Norfolk. Kitty is soon drawn to the charms of the Norfolk countryside, and a local farmer. As she settles into the primitive manor house, she discovers a book titled Hartford Place locked in a library drawer. Kitty soon learns of the stories surrounding the Hall, a curse made in the 1800s and a past she knew nothing about. Her Hartford ancestors mirror Kitty with their raven hair and emerald eyes and have all suffered tragedy, with veiled secrets buried deep.

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Writing The Hartford Inheritance

Since I was a child, I have enjoyed literature and would spend countless hours after school tucked away in my bedroom reading and composing stories. My daughter, who is 11 years old, does exactly the same. She adores the process of story-telling and when we discussed what she wanted to be, she said without any hesitation an Author. It melted my heart. It’s where my passion has always been.

I thought of the conception for the book in 2011 and spent two months whilst I was between jobs writing the book.  Then I gave the first draft to two friends, one who I knew would be very honest with me and the other who would tell me it was fab whatever!!!!  I needed that balance!!!  Then I started the process of going into more depth with the characters and the plot. This took me quite some time as I was working full time and I would go for long periods not touching it!!  Then I started the editing process.  Again this took me some time because instead of editing, I would be looking to change the plot instead of what I was trying to achieve.

Throughout the processes I sent letters and chapters to over 30 literary agents without any success.  One of the publishers told me that they receive hundreds of samples of work each week and only take on one new author each year so I realised the odds weren't going to be great!!

I decided in 2014 that I really wanted to get the book published and I researched how to upload onto Kindle and other eBooks on the internet. I got in touch with a formatter named Stephen Baker from  EBooks by Design.  He was absolutely brilliant. He formatted the book into all ebook versions, got the ISBN numbers and uploaded it onto all eBook sites.

It’s hard to believe that after starting the process of writing my debut novel in 2011 I have finally published The Hartford Inheritance. intend to follow this book with a prequel and a sequel and hope very much that you enjoy my writing.

I have always lived in Hastings on the South East Coast of England, which I adore. I’ve been married for twelve years to a man who inspires me and with whom I am still very much in love. We have two children together, Harriet, now aged 11 years, and Toby, aged 6 years. 

My parents are my rocks and have taught me all my best qualities – to be fair and kind to everyone. They have always been there for me and they are very proud of me for achieving my goal of publishing my first book. This book is dedicated to all of my family, whom I love so very much.

Jane A. Hobden 

You can find out more about Jane's writing at her website and find her on Twitter @janenobbshobley  

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