1 June 2016

Book Launch - I Love the Tudors: 400 Fantastic Facts, by Mickey Mayhew #Tudors

New on Amazon UK and now available on Amazon US

Did you know that Henry VII's father died in prison before he was even born? Or that Scotland Yard takes its name from Margaret Tudor's Scottish retinue? That Henry VIII was too fat to walk down the stairs? Or that Elizabeth I wore poisonous makeup? 

This fun little book, containing 400 fantastic facts about the Tudor era and more than 100 illustrations, will delight Tudor fans everywhere!

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About the Author

Mickey Mayhew is a lifelong Londoner, currently completing his PhD on the cult surrounding tragic queens Anne Boleyn and Mary Queen of Scots. He was co-author on three books relating to Jack the Ripper and his first non-fiction work, The Little Book of Mary Queen of Scots, was published in January 2015. I Love the Tudors was released in the UK in January 2016 and is now available in the US. Mickey is also a regular columnist for several historical journals, as well as being a film and theatre reviewer for various London lifestyle magazines. Find out more at his website http://www.mickeymayhew.com and find Mickey on Twitter @Mickey_Mayhew.

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