2 September 2017

Book Launch Guest Post: The Time Bender, Debra Chapoton

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An intergalactic warrior-in-training trades his spaceship for high school classes, basketball, and homemade pies in order to court an Earth girl who has an unexpected super power. When a chance encounter with a galaxy hopping space warrior drops Selina Langston down a rabbit hole of kidnapping schemes, time altering super powers and an occasional intergalactic battle, she must decide whether to trust 
her head, her heart or her hormones.

Hello and greetings from my writing room deep in the woods. I’m Debra Chapoton, author of fiction and non-fiction for all ages. It’s a pleasure to be on this wonderful site right as I’m in the middle of launching my newest young adult novel, The Time Bender.

A bit about me: I grew up reading in trees (a great place to hide from a dictatorial older sister), swimming in the cleanest spring fed lake ever (which meant that one day I’d be the soloist on a synchronized swimming team), and diagramming sentences. What!? Yes, I admit it: I love grammar. And I loved high school so much that after college I went back to teach in four different suburban schools. That’s where I learned a terrific secret: if you deal with teenagers day after day you never get any older.

I started writing in 2002 after a fellow teacher challenged his eleventh graders to write a novel during the school year. I tried it on summer vacation and was hooked. I absolutely love how the characters take over and let me come along for the ride.

Writing is a natural extension of my passion: languages. I love words and their origins and I love language rules. And I understand writing well enough to disregard some of the rules and bend others in order to shape my stories. I love editing, too. Writing is a creative outlet that is more fun than work. So, I write to have fun.

My latest work, The Time Bender is my eighth young adult novel and will be followed shortly by three sequels: The Time PacerThe Time Stopper and The Time Ender.

It was great fun to write this novel and then develop sequels that continued the story through the points of view of the other characters. I even invented a few words in other languages … after all I had to create and raise a race of humanoids and half-breeds, build their world and culture, and figure out how they would relate to a shy Earth girl who has a reluctant super power.

All my books are like my children and I cannot favor one over another so here’s a quick list of my other YA babies:

THE GIRL IN THE TIMEMACHINE (Sci-Fi time travel with a twist)
EXODIA (Dystopian journey)
OUT OF EXODIA (sequel to Exodia)
A SOUL’S KISS (Paranormal teen romance)
THE GUARDIAN’S DIARY (Coming of age story amid tragedy)
SHELTERED (Paranormal suspense)
EDGE OF ESCAPE (Psychological thriller)

As you can see my writing is diverse and eclectic, but then so is my taste in movies, food, people, and chocolate.

Debra Chapoton
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About the Author

Debra Chapoton resides in northern Michigan, USA, holds two educational degrees and has spent over 28,000 class periods teaching English and Spanish. Her psychological thriller, EDGE OF ESCAPE, presents characters and situations from her experiences in a large suburban high school. Her other young adult novels include, THE GUARDIAN'S DIARY, SHELTERED, A SOUL'S KISS, EXODIA, and OUT OF EXODIA. Genres range from coming of age to paranormal to science fiction and fantasy. She also writes children's chapter books for kids ages 8 - 12 including the Big Pine Lodge series and the Tunnels series. Find out more at Debra's websites www.debrachapoton.com and www.bigpinelodgebooks.com and find her on Facebook and Twitter @Debra_Chapoton.

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