10 April 2018

Where Destiny Commands: 1939 - 1945 A Time Of Love & War, by Leila Sen

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Based on true events and discovered memoirs, Where Destiny Commands is a love story set against the flaming backdrop of WWII....

It is 1940. Invoking the protection of the warrior goddess Kali, destroyer of evil, mother goddess of redemption, time and change, a young Indian doctor prepares to join the IMS in the British Indian Army. The war takes him from his home town of Calcutta (Kolkata) in India to the Middle East where global history is in the making, and the dispute over religious beliefs and the rights to homeland will change and divide the peoples of this world for decades to come. 

With his Battalion, The Prince of Wales's Own 2/4 Gurkha Rifles, he advances through the ancient cities of Iraq, Syria and Persia (Iran) to Cairo, and the erupting deserts of North Africa. Serendipity plays its hand in Cairo, a tumultuous city of political intrigue and espionage seething with Allied forces from all around the world. 

There he meets a young woman who has fled the Armenian genocide in Turkey to find safe haven in Egypt. His capture, on a fateful day in June 1942, by Erwin Rommel's Afrika Korps in the chaotic Battle of the Cauldron, cannot deter their destiny. Despite separation and the global turmoil surrounding them, the story of their love transcends the tragedies of war, the boundaries of far flung countries, and the barriers of time and fate.

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About the Author

Leila Sen was born in Calcutta, India, at the end of WWII. They were the final days of the British Raj as India embarked on her fight for independence. An award winning poet, and an author of children’s literature, this is her first novel. Inspired by her parents, she undertook the writing of their story as a labour of love, and has dedicated this book to them. Leila lives in San Francisco with her husband, Ronjon, without whose help this book would not have been possible. For many years they enjoyed this beautiful city with a number of family members mentioned in this book. Now, they continue to live in the home they shared with her parents, and still share with their remaining family of rescued pets. Follow Leila on Twitter @_LeilaSen

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