13 February 2011

A writer’s week on twitter

This week I have been learning about eBooks – can any writer afford not to?  The great thing about twitter is that the writing community are so happy to help.  A good example is Sydney based writer, journalist and eBook specialist Steven Lewis who runs Kindle Writers.

Steven has been around eBooks from the start in 1993, when he published his first e-zine. He told me “When I started writing seriously, self-publishing was expensive and still had the smack of vanity about it, then the Kindle floated into my life in the hands of a postman who didn't know what he was unleashing. In that familiar brown Amazon box was the answer as far as I was concerned. Within a couple of weeks I had my first title in the Kindle store. Now I can write anything I want and, with a growing pool of millions of readers, find enough who share my interests to make it more than worthwhile.”

More eBook resources

A quick twitter search led me to some great eBook resources, including Joel Friedlander’s The Book Designer which is full of practical advice. Joel is a self-published author and blogs about his experience of book design and the indie publishing world, so I have been watching out for his posts – and learning a lot.  On his blog this week Joel interviewed eBook ‘guru’ Joshua Tallent who has a site called Kindle Formatting  - a really very useful resource for anyone interested in publishing content on the Kindle.  As well as loads of background information Joshua gives a clear step by step guide to conversion from Word.  

High spot of the week

This has to be Joanna Penn’s relentless launch week of her new eBook Pentecost.  As someone who plans to do something like this myself one day, I made a point of looking out for the blogs, tweets, interviews and podcasts.  Anyone who thinks eBooks make publishing easy needs to talk to Joanna, who told me “The launch was very hard work to prepare, a rollercoaster to experience but totally worth it in terms of sales, networking and marketing!”

Favourite quote of the week:

“TV was banished from our house and since then I have written four books” ~ Joanna Penn

Just a nice ‘tweet’

When Tanya Ray  tweeted “Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark”  she said it was on her desk in front of her - but didn’t know who it was.  Intrigued, I looked it up and found it is by Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore, winner of the 1913 Nobel Prize in Literature. (If anyone is looking for a really amazing true story his has got it all - including turning down a knighthood and bcoming the voice of India's spiritual heritage.)

Funny tweet:

@TwopTwips  via   @p_f_c  “PRETEND you have an iPad by disabling Flash in your browser and having a less than satisfactory internet experience”  (Well it made me smile)

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