30 May 2018

Book review: How to Listen So People Will Talk, by Becky Harling

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I'm not a great listener. There, I've said it, so if you are talking to me, you needn't be surprised if I'm already thinking of my reply (or if you are particularly unlucky, wondering what time high tide is, or where I've left my Kindle.)

That's why this little book is quite a find, as I realised I've made the first step towards becoming a better listener. Becky Harling says, 
My theory is that often we’re not aware of our own shortcomings and weaknesses. But our relationships are important to us. That’s why I want to dare you to ask honestly: “Do you think I listen well?”
So, what's the answer? Becky recommends a simple golden rule: When you’re listening to someone who is sharing a problem with you, or complaining about a situation they’re facing, listen to them in a way you would want them to listen to you.

It is harder than you might think to do this, but with practice, effective listening can open up a whole new world to you.

Tony Riches

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About the Author

Becky Harling from Colorado Springs is an inspirational author and speaker, and a certified coach. She says, 'I help those looking to move beyond their personal obstacles to live life intentionally with purpose and passion. I offer mastermind classes and seminars on leadership, communication and personal growth. In addition I offer personal coaching for those looking to grow emotionally, professionally or spiritually.' Find out more at Becky's website http://beckyharling.com/ and find her on Facebook and Twitter @BeckyHarling

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