Mastodon The Writing Desk: April 2012

19 April 2012

Waiting Tide by Jessica Kristie

(Photo of Tenby beach by Tony Riches)
I wait for you by this Oceanside
Heart in my hand,
dreams like salty breezes.
Visions of a moment - when you make my world stand still.

I wait for you.

Because you are worth waiting for.
With every moment,
I breathe your worth
With every breath,
I need you more.

I wait for you.

With sand between my toes,
and windblown hair -

I wait...
for you to meet me here,
the in-between.

Where dreams stay beyond tomorrow,
and your body passes through me,
more than just today.

I will wait for you.
Not for you to love me,
but for the next moment you touch me,
and take my breath away.

Jessica Kristie is the author of several poetry books and founder of the Woodland, CA, poetry series, Inspiring Words - Poetry in Woodland.  Dreaming in Darkness was Jessica’s first volume of poetry and her second book Threads of Life has recently been published.

For more information see see her on Facebook or follow @jesskristie