2 May 2012

Book Launch: Weekly Inspirations for Writers & Creators

Writers and creators often face a roller coaster of emotions that build unnecessary barriers to the artistic flow. Weekly Inspirations for Writers & Creators has fifty-two topics followed by affirmations and writing prompts, tips and inspiring activities to engage and build confidence.

Each week you will have an idea to focus on and a small task to complete that help you in your journey of personal creative develop - and keep creating.

* * * Available now on Barnes & Noble and Amazon * * * 

Jessica Kristie is the author of several poetry books and founder of the Woodland, CA, poetry series, Inspiring Words - Poetry in Woodland.  Dreaming in Darkness was Jessica’s first volume of poetry and her second book Threads of Life has recently been published.

For more information see http://jessicakristie.com/ see her on Facebook or follow @jesskristie