3 April 2011

In memory of Jamie

When I write
its like something
Possesses me from within
and a new part of me is born
Freed from this mortal coil
that raps itself around me
that calls itself Flesh and Bone
smothering and blinding me
but when Free
I roam Freely
and when I see
I see completely
Poetry itself
has Possessed me
when I write
its like Passion
takes over and
my Heart my Soul
even my Fingertips
are no longer in my control
and I do not know
nor fully understand
what I am writing;
what I have just written
until I read it over
read it for the first time
like an Editor editing
making the needed changes
That’s the way it feels sometimes
like Poetry is a Flame
Burning Hot
and while reading
I catch Fire
I’m like the Addiction
writing the drug
and my Pen
is the best
part of me

Written by Jamie, who very sadly is no longer with us

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  1. Thank you for honoring Jamie's memory, Tony...

    She was only 27...


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