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15 July 2011

A Short Guide to Facilitating Risk Management by Penny Pullan and Ruth Murray-Webster

Business is risky.  So how well do you understand and manage the risks you face every day?  A Short Guide to Facilitating Risk Management  sets out a practical approach to anticipate what could go wrong and has some great tips for risk management facilitation.

Illustrated with examples from the authors' experience and their findings from interviews and surveys, this new book differs from the usual guide to risk management in that it is not just about risk 'mitigation' but puts the emphasis on risk ownership.  In their research the authors found that all too often it is tricky to find out who is being paid to really care  about a particular risk.

There is also very useful guidance on facilitating risk workshops, which can provide an effective basis for managing and prioritising risk - a 'must read' for anyone who wants to help their business avoid expensive surprises.

Dr Penny Pullan is Director of Making Projects Work and has wide experience for working with multinational companies and as an external consultant. Penny is experienced in facilitating risk workshops and equipping others to do so. See and follow @PennyPullan 

Ruth Murray-Webster is Director of Lucidus Consulting Limited and facilitates organisational change across a wide range of sectors. Ruth is co-author of two earlier Gower books, Understanding and Managing Risk Attitude and Managing Group Risk Attitude See www.lucidusconsulting

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  1. Thanks Tony, delighted to see that you found the book useful. Thank you too for your input over the years and I hope you noticed the very first item in the index...

    PS If you feel like putting this on Amazon, that would be fabulous!


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