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1 February 2012

Book Launch Guest Post: An Unfamiliar Murder by Jane Isaac

I've always been fascinated by what happens when extraordinary events touch the lives of ordinary people. For the most part, our lives are relatively untouched by law enforcement. What happens if we are forced into such a situation? How would we react? An Unfamiliar Murder is a psychological thriller born out of this fascination.

Written through the eyes of Anna, fighting to prove her innocence, and DCI Helen Lavery, trying to prove herself in the senior echelons of a competitive profession, whilst juggling the demands of parenting teenage sons, I have tried to make my characters real, so that we feel their journey. Let me share my blurb with you:

What secrets lurk beneath a normal, healthy skin?

Arriving home from a routine day at work, Anna Cottrell has no idea that her life is about to change forever. But discovering the stabbed body of a stranger in her flat, then becoming prime suspect in a murder enquiry is only the beginning. Her persistent claims of innocence start to crumble when new evidence links her irrevocably with the victim...
Leading her first murder enquiry, DCI Helen Lavery unravels a trail of deception, family secrets and betrayal. When people close to the Cottrell family start to disappear, Lavery is forced into a race against time. Can she catch the killer before he executes his ultimate victim?
What readers are saying:

"The characters are brilliantly crafted.... I can't wait for the sequel!" 
" fast paced as it is full of twists and turns... "
"...compulsive reading. Brilliantly written, gripping plot."
About Jane

Jane Isaac studied creative writing, and later specialist fiction with the London School of Journalism. Her non-fiction articles have appeared in newspapers, magazines and online. 

Two of her short stories, Duplicity and Perilous Truths will appear in Crime Anthologies released in 2012. An Unfamiliar Murder is her first novel.

Apart from her personal blog, Caffeine’s Not a crime Jane blogs about her writing experience, at Diary of a Newbie Novelist and is co-author on the Pyjama Club

Jane lives in rural Northants, UK with her husband, daughter and dog, Bollo. When she is not writing she loves to travel, is an avid reader, Mum, dog lover and enjoys spending time with her family. She believes life should be an adventure! 

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  1. Thank you so much for inviting me to guest on your blog, Tony. Appreciate:)

  2. Wishing you every success with 'An Unfamiliar Murder' Jane - let me know when the sequel is out!


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