25 August 2012

Book Launch Guest Post - Phases of the Moon by Louise Hastings

I never knew I wanted to be a writer and only took up the pen after suffering a severe bout of anxiety and depression a couple of years ago, and that was initially just to scribble something down in a journal every day. In the process of that scribbling, I discovered a joy for wordplay and poetry. There's something about allowing my thoughts and emotions to breathe through the power of the medium that has been profoundly healing for me. 

I've had poetry published in various anthologies and Phases of the Moon is my first poetry collection, published by Winter Goose Publishing. In the book, I write about what moves me, the connections between the human psyche and our natural world. I found there was so much beauty in the world if only I had stopped long enough to notice it. Through mindful awareness, I have experienced a spiritual awakening of sorts that has carried and sustained me throughout my poetic journey. To be honest, everything you need to know about me can be found in my poetry.


If this country were my lips
cells dividing, splitting
Fingers, brittle, cracking,
I am my country, the distant hills

and this city
stained with blood and money
were my brain and bones,
I would be the river flowing,
my bloodstream thick with it,

cells dividing, splitting
into one more tortured poet
stood helpless against the tides,
against the process of decay.

Fingers, brittle, cracking,
cling like a fragile bird,
a world away
from the booted city girls,
blushed and powdered faces
striding past the glitter in the shops.

I am my country, the distant hills the spine that holds me upright.
I kiss the earth and sky,
the love that lies beside me
in the prism of the rainbow spray.

I am a poet and writer living on a wing and a prayer and the author of a 1st collection of poetry, Phases of the Moon published by Winter Goose Publishing.

I like to allow my thoughts and emotions to breathe through the power of artistic expression and can be found on my WebsiteTwitter and Facebook

Phases of the Moon is now available through Amazon.com and Amazon UK as well as Barnes & Noble.   Also look out for a giveaway soon on Goodreads!

Louise Hastings

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