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1 December 2012

Book Review: Marketing Your Book on Amazon by Shelley Hitz

Author Shellley Hitz spends so much time supporting other writers at her Self Publishing Coach site it's good to see she has found time to publish this new one. The full title is Marketing Your Book On Amazon: 21 Things You Can Easily Do For Free To Get More Exposure and Sales (Book Marketing on a Shoestring Budget)   Yes that's an amazing 25 words just in the title!

I've always been surprised at how much you can do as an author for free - the problem is the amount of valuable writing time you can waste trying to work put what to do and how. I've also been doing this long enough  to realise there are two BIG problems with marketing your book on Amazon. First the obvious one - if you don't do the right marketing of your book there is a good chance nobody will know it exists. The second problem is more complex and relates to the total lack of useful marketing information to link anything to do to that sudden surge in sales.  

Shelley assumes no specific knowledge and manages to pack in enough great advice to satisfy even the most experienced marketing specialist. I very much agree with her view that authors need to see book marketing as a 'marathon, not a sprint' and to follow the principle of doing some small thing every day to market each of your books for three years. 

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Shelley Hitz is an entrepreneur, speaker, author and consultant to writers who want to multiply their impact through self publishing.   She teaches from personal experience, as over two years while working full-time, she published five books, multiple audio CDs, authored two websites that attract thousands of visitors each month. Her website, also offers free book templates, articles, newsletter, tele-classes, special reports, e-books, webinars, podcasts, videos and other resources to help you get self published!

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