19 January 2013

Authors Register Free at AUTHORSdB

I was recently invited to register on an interesting new site AUTHORSdB, a well thought out free database of authors, including social media, book listings and much more, for aspiring and established writers.  The registration process is simple, as you just copy and paste links to your blog and bio, where readers can find your books and social media links.

AUHORSdB aims to become a place where information is available on all your favorite authors and where readers can learn more about up-and-coming authors.  If you provide author services these can also be registered for free.

A useful feature is that you can also add links to your promo videos - and I have already made some useful new contacts and picked up a number of interesting writers as twitter followers.

My listing is HERE  take a look and see what you think?

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