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5 June 2013

Unexpected Gifts - When Ancestors Come Back To Help, by S. R. Mallery

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Winner of the Reader’s Favorite Gold Medal!
A True American Family Saga

When Ancestors Come Back to Help
Can we learn from our ancestral past?  Do our relatives’ behaviors help mold our own?  In Unexpected Gifts, that is precisely what happens to Sonia, a confused college student, forever choosing the wrong man.  Searching for answers, she begins to read her families diaries and journals from America’s past: the Vietnam War, Woodstock and Timothy Leary era; Tupperware parties, McCarthyism and Black Power; the Great Depression, dance marathons, and Eleanor Roosevelt; the immigrant experience and the Suffragists.  Back and forth the book journeys, weaving yesteryear with modern life until finally, Sonia begins to make the right choices.

Unexpected Gifts is a work of literary fiction, laced with historical events for ages 16 and up.

What’s Being Said About Unexpected Gifts

“S.R. Mallery has caught the defining historic moments of one family…a rich and involving book, the author has written a gem.” ––Dorothy Salisbury Davis, A Gentle Murderer, Lullaby of Murder, The Pale Betrayer

“S. R. Mallery presents a fascinating journey through flashpoints of American history in an impressive, wonderfully thought out and well-told first novel.” ––Carla Davidson, former senior editor American Heritage Magazine

“In S. R. Mallery’s fine first novel each character’s distinctive voice helps make sense of the present by experiencing the past.  And who mattered.” ––Dan Vining, The Quick, The Next, Among the Living

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About the Author

S. R. Mallery has worn many hats in her life.  Starting out as a classical/pop singer/composer, she moved onto the professional world of production art and calligraphy, followed by a long career as an award winning quilt artist/teacher and an ESL/Reading instructor.  Her short stories have been published in descent 2008, Snowy Egret, Transcendent Visions, The Storyteller and Down In the Dirt.  Unexpected Gifts is her debut novel.

A former New Yorker, S. R. Mallery hails from a prominent writing family––her father, Jerome Ross, was a prolific television writer beginning in the Golden Age of Television, who also wrote for such shows as Mission Impossible, for which he won an Edgar Allen Poe Award, and The Defenders; her grandfather was a Pulitzer prize winner for biography and her great-uncle, a Pulitzer prize winning poet. Find out more at Sarah's blog and find her on Twitter Twitter @SarahMallery1

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