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15 September 2013

How to Publish and Market AudioBooks by Shelley Hitz @Self_Publish

One way to increase your book royalties is by publishing your book in audio format. However, if you want to publish an audiobook by the holidays, then NOW is the time to get started. ACX (Amazon's Audiobook Creation Platform) explains why on their blog HERE   Basically, it boils down to the fact that it takes TIME to publish audiobooks. Not necessarily your time. But someone has to spend hours recording your book. Then all of the files have to be edited. And then they have to be approved. It's a process that takes time. And as we get closer to the holidays, the time it takes will actually increase as a mass wave of authors try to get their audiobooks out in time.

Start NOW and get your books in audiobook format

We have gone through the process for multiple books and have learned a lot. We share that knowledge with you in our book, "How to Publish and Market AudioBooks" In addition to the eBook, every purchase comes with video and PDF training files, royalty free music and more to make sure that your audiobook is a success.

Shelley Hitz

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