10 February 2014

Interview with new writer Melissa Brooke Scholes‏

Tell us a little about yourself?

I'm a 18 year old feminist from Carthage, Missouri, who enjoys writing, reading, video games and dirt biking. Ever since fifth grade I've been writing books, short stories, and poems, then I started writing about superheroes and wanted to try a novel. 

I will be graduating in December from high school and hope to have my book pay for my scholarship because I don't want to live off my parents the rest of my life. I love adventure and new things that excite me or give me a rush of adrenaline. When I was a young girl my imagination ran wild with all the crazy things I did.

What inspired you to write?

My inspiration came from my best friend Madeline Courtney, my dangerous adventures and having an author of our age come to school in junior high talk to us. Ksenia Anske was introduced through Madi and they are helping me to make my book the best it can be. I also thank all my readers, for they encourage me to keep writing.

What are you writing now?

Right now I am writing science fiction because it makes more sense in the process of writing "The Unknown". This is about Septimus, a grand scientist, who has taken over on Earth while the wealthy and government officials have gone to Mars. Isabella, her two friends Lupin and Camille, along with her older brother Joseph, are in for a rough journey to take down the cruel man who killed so many poor and has captured them for wicked experiments.

What problems have you had and how did you solve them?

The main problem I have really is to have the patience to sit down and type away at my book. It's not that I wouldn't love to sit down and write away, but I do find it difficult to focus on the tasks at hand. My best friend Madi constantly encourages me to write, so I listen to music and drink my brown pop while I type away.

Where do you write?

I have several journals I write in upstairs in my bedroom. I take with them with everywhere I go, and I also have a stationary computer in the dining room. It’s not the most comfortable place to type, so I plan on getting a laptop when I can.

When is your book going to be ready?

I’m hoping to get my book out and going before the end of the year. I already have the beginning and ending typed up, so once I finish the middle I have to edit it, with the help of family and friends, then Madi will help format it.

Find out more at Melissa's blog and find her on Twitter 

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