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12 November 2014

Special Guest Post by Catherine Drea ~ Seek light, embrace shade, live colour

A companion to the creative path, through
the photography and writing of Irish artist
Catherine Drea

Available on as a hardback Blurb book here
or as a download here.

Three years into an creative project that has changed my life, my first book has emerged as inspiration for others on that same path. In 2011 I began to blog and share the photos that I had been taking all my life. Since then the connection with an audience who otherwise would never have seen my work, has completed the circle of creating and sharing. 

I started the book when on a pilgrimage in Greece, where I had a "studio" space with a view and free wifi as long as I bought a glass of wine and a few nibbles. (OK, yes it was a bar on the beach!) Most evenings I would sit there screening Instagram photos and figuring out how to bring them together. 

The story of what got me here, beginning on the creative path as a late bloomer, became the heart of the book. This mysterious annual spin around the sun with its phases and seasons, challenges and triumphs, has taught me that when it comes to our own work, there is no time to waste on procrastination! 

I called the little book "Seek light, embrace shade, live colour" which sums up both my photographic aspirations and my take on life. A daily habit of photo walking along the lanes of Ireland and writing regularly have developed my perceptions and sensitivity to light and life in minute detail within an alarming vastness. Published on the Blurb platform, each copy of the 60 page book is printed to order.

Blurb is the ideal self publishing platform for photographers and artists. As each book is printed to order there is no major outlay for the author and the quality is excellent. On the downside you will not have access to information about the customers who buy your book and if there is any kind of hitch you cannot help to resolve it. 

While laid up with flu and bronchitis recently butterflies began appearing around me as if from nowhere. One landed on my wooly jumper and looked up at me. That little face gave me more support than any mentor could. Because every step along the creative path requires steadfast courage, a whole lot of it and that's what the little book is all about.....and as usual no one needs to hear that message more than I do myself!

There will be no fancy launch. Just a gentle breeze to carry the this little book or download to you, where ever you are. 

I would love you to have a peek at the preview of the book here and may it be a companion to you on your creative path wherever it may be taking you!

Catherine Drea
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About the Author

Catherine Drea lives down a long lane in rural Ireland. Her day job is supporting ethical leadership and practice in Framework, a non-profit organisation she co-founded in 1994.  Originally trained as an artist Foxglove Lane won the Best Photography Blog in the Irish Blog Awards 2013 and 2014. "Seek light, embrace shade, live colour" is her first self published book. You will find Catherine every week on her blog Foxglove Lane and on Instagram, Twitter @foxglovelane and Facebook.

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