4 December 2014

Tracking Amazon Ranking with AuthorRise

Have you ever wondered what triggered a book to suddenly 'leap' up (or drop down) Amazon rankings?  I often do, so it was partly through curiosity that I've been trialling an interesting new concept called AuthorRise. I asked founder and CEO Chris Weber to explain how it all came about:

It all started with a brainstorm between myself, Co-Founder/CEO, David Goldenberg, and  CTO/technical Co-founder Keith Woody. David was a long-time journalist and I was a literature major in college. Our mutual love of books led to us talking to dozens of authors - and we found the problem of growing a readership and putting books into their hands was universal and deeply felt.

Out of that need came AuthorRise. There are lots of promotion sites that offer authors a quick burst of marketing but we wanted to build something that supports sustainable, everyday actions that any author can take and go from zero readers to a successful business. If someone is serious about becoming a full-time author, it takes time, patience and perseverance.

Chris Weber
On the personal side, I attribute so much of what is good in my life to books, especially reading voraciously as a kid. My parents supported my reading habit without hesitation, even encouraging me to study literature in college despite it's lack of "real world practicality." My goal now is to support the environment that has helped me so much. I think bringing great work into the world is one of the noblest pursuits anyone can undertake, and I just hope to be a part of helping as many authors as possible find the success they're looking for.
Chris Weber

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