3 January 2016

New Historical Fiction: The Witchfinder's Well, by Jonathan Posner

The first novel in the Justine Parker trilogy of Tudor history / time-travel adventures,

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Tudor England in the reign of good Queen Bess – a time when a young unmarried gentleman like Sir William de Beauvais can amuse himself with hunting, drinking and making love with abandon. So much so, that his aristocratic mother despairs that he will ever find the ideal wife. 

So when the young and beautiful Justine Parker mysteriously arrives at their ancestral home, Lady de Beauvais thinks she may have found the perfect answer. 

But Justine hides a dark secret – she is actually a time-traveller from the future. 

Justine’s arrival puts the family in terrible danger; Matthew Hopkirk, the ruthless witchfinder, is determined to capture and try her for witchcraft – and as romance blossoms with Justine, Sir William finds himself having to fight for his own life as well. 

From romantic candle-lit banquets to desperate life-and-death sword fights, The Witchfinder’s Well is an unforgettable tale of Tudor history made real and a love resolved across time itself.

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About the Author

Jonathan Posner is an English creative communications and marketing consultant, writer and author. As well as three full-scale musicals, several short stories and a one-act play, he is now writing a Tudor trilogy. Jonathan is married with two adult sons and lives in Windsor, Berkshire. When not writing, he skis, runs, plays squash and rows on the River Thames, and is a regular presenter on Marlow FM radio. You can find out more at Jonathan's website jonathanposnerauthor.com and find him on Facebook and Twitter @jonathanposner.

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