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17 April 2016

Historical Fiction Spotlight ~ Of Fathers and Sons: Geoffrey Hotspur and the Este Inheritance, by Evan Ostryzniuk

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Italy during late-fourteenth century

Wandering into the midst of the many warring factions comes young English would-be knight Geoffrey Hotspur and his crafty French criminal manservant, Jean de la Langoustine, a debt collector for the notorious Gamesmaster. 

The hapless Quixote–like pair stumble from mishap to disaster as Hotspur pursues his ever–pressing dream of becoming a fully-fledged knight fit to fight in the Crusades. 

Although his friends and fellow squires have already served a knight on a proper campaign, Geoffrey has not yet crossed swords with anyone, let alone a knight. No matter how hard he tries to bloody his sword, some event is sure to intervene. 

His big chance comes when he becomes embroiled with the court of the child ruler Niccolo d’Este, who is thrust into power when his father, the popular Alberto, unexpectedly dies and leaves him too young to rule on his own. 

It is left to the naïve and unbloodied Geoffrey to escort Niccolo to safety through the battlefields and stave off the warlords and family rivals determined to kill and replace the young ruler. 

This thrilling adventure tale is woven into actual events, people and places from a period that had a major influence on Renaissance Italy and for many years to come. The author’s thorough research ensures a story that is set against a background in which fashions, food, lifestyles and habits, from peasant to prince, are described in rip–roaring and vivid detail. 

Of Fathers and Sons is an exciting tale of knights, courtesans and villains built around the Battle of Portomaggiore, waged in the muddy marshes of a snowbound northern Italy in the late fourteenth century. 

Praise for Evan Ostryzniuk 

'A classic story that brings the era vividly to life.' - Robert Foster, best-selling author of The Lunar Code. 
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About the Author

Evan Ostryzniuk grew up in Canada and was educated in both Canada and the United Kingdom. He currently works and writes in Kiev, Ukraine. He earned several academic degrees in history and modern languages, which culminated in doctoral research at Cambridge University that resulted in a thesis about rural insurgency during the Russian Revolution. He is currently employed at a financial services company in the varied role of editor, translator and researcher. Before that, he was a lecturer in history at a private university. Find out more at Evan's website and find him on Twitter @EOstryzniuk.

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