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2 November 2016

Book Launch Interview With E.E. Bertram, Author of November Fox

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What inspired your novel?

Writing my first novel was driven by a deeper yearning beyond self expression. I felt a strong desire to do my part in inspiring the next generation of readers to find their purpose in life and ask deeper questions, ultimately so they can live more fulfilling lives. In a way November Fox is a self-help book yet it is wrapped up in a crazy sci-fi fantasy story. My travels as a touring and recording singer songwriter around the world have also influenced the writing.

My extensive lucid dream experiences have also been fundamental in what inspired me to write in the first place. Within the lucid realm, where you can actively manifest desired realities, I learnt the art of intention and conscious creation, so a lot of the book is based upon my Insights and direct experience with thought power.  What is the genre?  Visionary Fiction. It wasn't a conscious decision to become a visionary fiction author.

My first editor was actually the person who told me that I fall within this genre. I haven't even heard of it until after the book was written. The most famous Visionary Fiction book is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, and I suppose November Fox has some similarities in the fact that it is a fable and it has ancient wisdom mixed within the quest like tale. Other reviewers have said it has Alice in Wonderland like qualities, purely for its idiosyncratic nature and the fact November Fox tumbles through a rainbow portal into the other dimensions, and meets fantastical characters along the way.

There are quite a few sci/fi elements as I have curiosities with quantum physics and artificial intelligence and the future of mankind, so that’s all wrapped up into the mix as well.  What was the hardest part to write in the book?  The hardest part is the endurance required to stick at it, year after year until the art form is ready for the world.

I'm quite sure the next books I will write much faster as I learn so much along the way. Living a somewhat hermit lifestyle for so long was also quite tough. There were many days and weeks and months where I hardly saw any friends or left the comfort of my dressing gown. It's such a cathartic and intense experience to write a book and I compounded my workload by deciding to have the augmented reality components as well as connected music project.

What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Find the right balance between learning your craft and mastering technique and following your creative freedom and passion. Learn the rules yet don’t be afraid to break them. That's when the magic happens. You need to know the box before you break out of the box, it's only then you understand the full nature of what the box is in the first place.

What are you currently reading?

What is Art by Leo Tolstoy, The Brain That Changes Itself: Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science by Norman Doidge and next on my list is The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson and The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot.

Tell us about your favourite character from your book.

My favourite character is The Architect, he is the otherworldly narrator of the story. I wasn't even sure he was male until quite far along the path, yet at one point of the writing, the story required him to take a form. I like him the most as I felt his energy almost as if I were just facilitating his voice, to be spoken through me. I felt a presence around me when I was writing his parts. It may  have been me tapping into a deeper wise aspect of myself, or some kind of external force? It is hard to tell. It was quite a peculiar experience. Similar to when I write songs, yet his voice was very distinct and had a calming effect on me every time he spoke and I wrote his words. I like him as he questions things, he is very philosophical and also a little rebellious.

How would you describe your book?

November Fox is quite a mind-bending journey that has many layers and eclipsing realities. It follows the journey of Vegan orphan Rockstar November Fox after she finds a teleporting cube on her doorstep. The chapters are almost like different levels of the game where she has to work out how to get from one reality to the next. If you like quest style books or books that make you question your perceptions of reality, you may like this story.

Because of my interest in technology, I have infused the book with augmented reality so all of the 39 pictures can be scanned with your phone or device and you can go further in this into the story and view November Fox's journey from the perspective of the other-worldly Architect, the narrator of the story. The 3D elements you will see through this method are interactive. Because November Fox is a rockstar there is a connected music project, which can also be accessed through the augmented reality layers. The book isn't dependent on this extra technology component, yet I wanted to experiment with new ways of storytelling and better represent the multiple layers of consciousness we have as human beings.

Esther Bertram

About the Author

Esther Bertram is an Author, Musician & Media Artist. After more than a decade of touring Europe and recording as a professional singer/songwriter and producer of electronic music, Esther has spent 5 years creating the media-fusion, metaphysical, fantasy, science fiction novel November Fox.She says, 'I like to inspire people to challenge their mental models of reality for the sake of growth and entertainment; to probe into the cosmic depths of existence, bring back my insights and express them in creative form. With a mother from Lapland/Finland and father from Melbourne/Australia, dualism has been in my genes from day one, and I have always felt best when balancing contrasting worlds.' Find out more at her website  and find Esther on Facebook and Twitter @EstherBertram.

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