13 October 2017

New Book Review: Apricots and Wolfsbane, by K.M. Pohlkamp

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At the start of the 16th century in Tudor England, Lavinia Maud finds her instincts as an assassin tested by love and faith. She balances revenge with her struggle to develop a tasteless poison and avoid the wrath of her ruthless patron. With her ideals in conflict, Lavinia must decide which will satisfy her heart: love, faith, or murder—but the betrayals are just beginning.

This dark, fast-paced tale keeps you guessing from the first page.  Pushing the boundaries of the historical fiction genre, K.M. Pohlkamp evokes a world where the usual definitions of right and wrong are the first casualties.

Obsessed with her quest to discover the perfect poison, it seems nothing is going to stand in the way of Lavinia Maud. Inspired by accounts of Locusta, Emperor Nero's notorious poisoner of ancient Rome, the relocation of the setting to Tudor London provides K.M. Pohlkamp with more than enough people to poison  - and reasons why.

I was impressed by the detailed research that must have gone in to writing this book, as well as the character development. This is perhaps not the best book to read to your children at bedtime - but one I'd love to see made into a movie. Highly recommended.

Tony Riches
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About the Author

Originally from Wisconsin, K.M. Pohlkamp lives with her husband Jon in Houston, Texas, and is the  proud mother of two and a Mission Control flight controller. 

Find out more at the author's website 
https://kmpohlkamp.com/ and follow her on Facebook and Twitter @KMPohlkamp.

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