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5 February 2018

Book Launch Guest Post ~ The Fed-up Cow, by Peta Lemon

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The story behind the Fed-up Cow came to me one summer's day when I was walking my dog.  I looked into a field and saw a cow who looked really bored.  I wondered if she was fed-up with being a cow and if she looked around the fields and envied the sheep, with their fluffy white coats and regular grooming.

The thought that a cow might feel this way amused me and I decided to turn it into a children's story.  I have three young children and prefer reading stories to them that rhyme, so I knew this story would have to rhyme.

So I got pen to paper (or finger to ipad) and the story ended up writing itself  - the words all came to me over a couple of hours and the story just happened.  I spent the next four years finessing it and playing around with the sentences.
I then read the story to friends and family and the response was unanimous - I had to get it published.
The book was crying out for a talented illustrator.  I ran a contest on 99designs for an illustrator and Maria Dasic Todoric, a freelance illustrator from Belgrade, Serbia submitted her entry.  I knew I'd struck gold as soon as I saw her entry. 

Maria immediately got the story and my sense of humour and translated my ideas into reality brilliantly.  Her attention to detail is second to none and I've ended up with a book packed full of colourful and funny illustrations that have surpassed my wildest expectations.

The best thing for me was being in control of the creative process throughout - I found the illustrator, approved all the drawings and chose the cover design.  This was a huge advantage over getting a publishing deal where the publisher takes over once the story has been written. 
The book is finished and the result? A book that I truly believe a parent would enjoy reading as much as a child would enjoy listening to.

I now turn to the daunting task of trying to raise awareness of it.  This task that is proving harder than I expected but I've always loved a challenge. And this is a challenge. 

Peta Lemon
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About the Author

Peta Lemon is a newly published author of brightly coloured and funny children’s picture books. Her books are original, quirky, nostalgic and all are written in rhyme. Peta works as a lawyer just outside London and is a mother to three young children. She has always loved reading and writing and since having children has developed a passion for writing children’s stories, which are a welcome break from the sometimes dry world of law. She has launched her first children’s picture book, the Fed-up Cow (which is available on Amazon) and her second book, Timmy on the Toilet, is in the process of being illustrated and will be released later in 2018. Find out more at Peta's website

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