2 April 2018

New Historical Fiction Spotlight: The Cut of the Clothes: A Story of Prinny and Beau Brummell

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The true story of the Prince Regent (later King George IV) and the dictator of men's fashion, Beau Brummell. 

If clothes make the man — what is left when he undresses? Beau Brummell is the king of fashionable society, a fact which torments the eldest son of Mad King George, who would do anything to be the master of the mode. 

With the help of his secret Catholic wife and Dick the Dandy-Killer, the rakish Prince has everything required to ruin his rival fashionisto. Will His Royal Highness survive the obsession, or will he be destroyed by his own yearning to outdo the Beau? 

This honest tale of the Georgian/Regency era reveals the charm and cattiness of the two “first gentlemen” of one of history’s best-dressed moments. From Brummell’s ditzy quips of “Brummelliana” to the Prince’s overdramatic lamentations, the reader is sure to be swept up in a sparkling and humorous world of fashion, passion and jealousy.

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About the Author

Erato is an American autodidact who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The name Erato belonged to one of the nine muses of Greek mythology: that who ruled love stories. The author's own given name being that of a different muse, the name Erato was chosen as the nomme de plume that seemed especially fit for writing historical stories with a romantic theme, though she also writes historical novels without strong romantic elements. Her works are normally highly researched, subversive, and can tend toward humorous even when telling of tragedy. You can find more about Erato's writing on Facebook and Goodreads.

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