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2 November 2018

The Magic Marble Tree: A Writer's Journey (The Liberator's Daughter Book 2) by Deborah Levine

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Join me on the journey from chronic pain to award-winning author. Travel from the beaches of British Bermuda to New York, Chicago, and Chattanooga. Experience the blending of my father, a US military intelligence officer who interrogated WWII Nazi prisoners of war and mother, a pioneer in special education. 

Her empathy and people skills rescued us Share the joy of teaching special needs children and embracing diversity as I practice what she preached. Learn what it takes to grow into a leader that crosses cultural boundaries with emotional intelligence. 

Be part of my transformation from a hospital bed into a world-famous writer and innovator. Join this mystical journey of repairing the world in these challenging times through the art of writing. 

Deborah Levine

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About the Author

Deborah J. Levine is an award-winning author, Editor-in-Chief of the American Diversity Report, contributor to The Huffington Post, and Opinion Columnist for The Chattanooga Times Free Press. Brought up in the British colony of Bermuda, she attended Harvard, NYU, Spertus Institute, and the U. of IL at Chicago. In the Chicago area, Deborah founded the DuPage Interfaith Research Coalition and coordinated the National Workshop on Christian-Jewish Relations. She is headquartered in TN where she founded the Women's Council on Diversity, now Lean In-Women Ground Breakers, and served as Research Coordinator at the College of Engineering & Computer Science at the U. of TN/ Chattanooga (UTC).  You can find Deborah on Goodreads and Twitter @diversityreport 

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