24 October 2020

New Stories of the Tudors podcast: Queen Elizabeth I Part One

This podcast is the first of a series of three looking at the life of Queen Elizabeth I, and is an introduction to the key events of Elizabeth’s life.

I’ll be looking at Elizabeth’s challenging childhood, her teenage years, how she ended up imprisoned in the Tower of London, and why she spent most of her reign in fear of assassination.

The next podcast explores the myths and legends which surround the last Tudor queen, and the third will look behind the familiar fa├žade, to see what Elizabeth was really like.

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  1. How fascinating, Tony, this history of Elizabeth I. Perhaps now, I can see why she never married and preferred to rule alone. She may have been sexually abused by a stepfather. At least I think she never married. Did she?

    I love learning about the royals of any age. Thank you for an interesting podcast. All best to you, sir.

    1. Thanks for visiting - Elizabeth had her pick of many eligible men but chose to never marry.


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