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30 April 2021

The Battle of Barnet in Fact and Fiction, by Hilary Harrison, Scott Harrison and Mike Noronha

At around 5 am on the 14th of April, 1471, battle was joined between the forces of York and Lancaster just north of the village of Barnet, in one of the most decisive battles of the 30-year conflict that later became known as the 'Wars of the Roses.'

To mark the 550th anniversary of the historic battle, Hilary Harrison, Scott Harrison and Mike Noronha of Barnet Museum have put together a small book which is an inspired blend of the known facts, brought to life with extracts from historical fiction authors including Matthew Lewis, Toby Clements, Philippa Gregory - and myself.

Conventional histories of the Battle of Barnet tend to focus on events and strategies. This history of the battle puts the emphasis on the people, their lives, actions and emotions. It does this through 'pen-portraits' of the main characters and the use of a wide range of illustrations.

Warwick's letter in late March 1471 to Henry Vernon, exhorting Vernon to support the Lancastrian cause.
(The postscript is in Warwick's own hand.)

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Available from Amazon UK and Amazon US

‘A story of adventure, power and influence at the heart of one of the most dangerous times in the history of England.’

Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, the 'Kingmaker', is the wealthiest noble in England. He becomes a warrior knight, bravely protecting the north against invasion by the Scots. A key figure in what have become known as ‘the Wars of the Roses,’ he fought in most of the important battles. As Captain of Calais, he turns privateer, daring to take on the might of the Spanish fleet and becoming Admiral of England. The friend of kings, he is the sworn enemy of Queen Margaret of Anjou. Then, in an amazing change of heart, why does he risk everything to fight for her cause?

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