5 May 2021

Book Review of Paris In Ruins by Mary K Tod

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I knew little about the outbreak of the Franco-Prussian War, and the emergence of the Third French Republic in September 1870, followed by the siege of Paris by the Prussian Army. Mary Tod’s new book was therefore an insight into an unfamiliar period of French history.

In turns gentle and harrowing, I particularly liked the deft touches of prose which ground the troubling story in the real world:
Her mother was right, the view was indeed beautiful and the colours particularly striking: soft blue skies; dusky yellow wheat fields; sturdy evergreens marking the distant hills; and leaves with the first hints of gold and red. As she watched a long line of birds fly overhead, she thought she heard the babble of a nearby stream. An explosion shattered the calm.
I really cared about her characters, women who found new strength and resolve in the midst of war. I was also intrigued by the appearance of actress Sarah Bernhardt. I looked up her history and found she led the conversion of the Paris Odeon into a hospital for wounded soldiers, and worked as a nurse, showing great leadership to the women of Paris.

Sarah Bernhardt

This thought-provoking novel is a worthy successor to Mary Tod’s three earlier books, Unravelled, Lies Told In Silence and Time and Regret - and one I’m happy to recommend.

Tony Riches

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About the Author

M.K. (Mary) Tod lives in Toronto, Canada, and writes and blogs about historical fiction. She had a successful business career working at an executive level in management consulting, sales and marketing, and is married with two adult children.  Find out more from Mary's website www.mktod.com and find her on Facebook and Twitter @MKTodAuthor

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  1. Absolutely delighted to have your review, Tony. And I am so pleased that you enjoyed the story.


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