18 June 2021

Midsummer Magic at Miss Moonshine’s Emporium

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Are you ready to meet Miss Moonshine?
Life may never be the same again…

It’s summer in Haven Bridge and Miss Moonshine is getting ready for a busy season. From the window of her Wonderful Emporium, at the heart of the pretty Yorkshire town, she watches and waits, weaving plans to bring happiness to all who step through her door. For Miss Moonshine is no ordinary shopkeeper. She may not have what you want, but she will always have what you need…

Nine romantic novelists from Yorkshire and Lancashire, including best-selling and award-winning authors, have joined together to create this anthology of uplifting stories guaranteed to warm your heart. This magical collection of contemporary romances will make you laugh, cry and wish for a Miss Moonshine in your own life.

Midsummer Magic at Miss Moonshine’s Emporium is an anthology put together by a group of romantic novelists and short story writers from Yorkshire and Lancashire in the north of England. The group meet regularly in the little town of Hebden Bridge, and this location, lying as it does on the moors near the border between the two counties, led to the group name Authors on the Edge, and to the inspiration behind this collection.

Hebden Bridge

Much cake was consumed by these authors in the making of this anthology!

A bit about the stories…

A Glitch in Time, by Jacqui Cooper

In 2021 Nicola disappears into Miss Moonshine’s changing room to try on a gorgeous vintage dress - and emerges in 1951. Meanwhile her grandmother Lily goes shopping for a new outfit in 1951 and finds herself in Miss Moonshine’s shop seventy years later. While both women get to grips with a time that isn’t their own, Miss Moonshine and Napoleon are working busily behind the scenes to restore the timeline. After all, it’s not as if this hasn’t happened before...

More about the author:  Living on the edge of the Yorkshire moors, Jacqui Cooper doesn’t have to look far for inspiration for her writing. Her short stories regularly appear in popular women’s magazines, including Woman’s Weekly, The People’s Friend and Take a Break. Writing has always been her dream and she is thrilled to now be able to do it full time.

Caught Red-Handed, by Sophie Claire

A shoplifter in Miss Moonshine’s steals a valuable pen in the desperate hope it might help her troubled grandfather. But little does she know that someone witnessed her misdeed, and when the stranger confronts her, she must rethink. Can she put right the wrong she’s committed? And can the pen help after all? Though perhaps not in the way she’d expected…

Sophie Claire writes uplifting emotional stories with their heart in Provence, where she spent her childhood summers. She is half French, half Scottish, was born in Africa and growing up in England she felt she didn’t belong anywhere – except in the pages of a book. Perhaps this is why she likes to help her characters find their home; a place in the world where they can be loved for themselves. Previously, she worked in marketing and proofreading academic papers, but writing is what she always considered her ‘real job’ and now she’s delighted to spend her days dreaming up heartwarming contemporary romance stories set in beautiful places.  Find out more at www.sophieclaire.co.uk and find her on Twitter @SClaireWriter

Three Butterflies, by Marie Laval

Parisian chic meets guerrilla gardener... and a goose! Olivier Dumas, heir to a prestigious but struggling Parisian perfume house, needs to come up with a new fragrance, but instead of Bali or Fiji, he is sent to Haven Bridge to stay on a canal boat with gardener and charity worker Tamsin Sheridan, her cat Josephine and Frieda the allotment guard goose. Will Miss Moonshine work her magic and help Olivier find inspiration and romance in Haven Bridge?

Originally from Lyon in France, Marie now lives in the Rossendale Valley in Lancashire. Her bestselling novels include ESCAPE TO THE LITTLE CHATEAU, shortlisted for the 2021 RNA Jackie Collins Romantic Suspense Awards, and her new romance HAPPY DREAMS AT MERMAID COVE is available from Amazon and various digital platforms. Find out more at http://marielaval.blogspot.com/ and find Marie on Twitter @MarieLaval1

GU 1909, by Angela Wren

GU 1909 centres around Maddie - a character from the first anthology - who is coping with some difficult personal issues.  Miss Moonshine comes to the rescue through her need to get her old Wolseley E4 back on the road.

More about the author: Author Bio Angela Wren is an actor and director at a theatre in Yorkshire, UK. She loves stories and reading and writes the Jacques Forêt crime novels set in France. Her short stories vary between romance, memoir, mystery and historical. Angela has had two one-act plays recorded for local radio. Find out more about Angela at https://www.angelawren.co.uk/ and follow her on Twitter @AngelaWrenAuthr

The Secret of Greymoor Hall, by Kate Field

Libby is intrigued when she discovers Greymoor Hall. Once the most notorious house in Yorkshire, now it faces ruin, and all its treasures are lost. Haunted by mysterious echoes from the past, and helped by the magic of Miss Moonshine, can Libby unlock the secret that might save Greymoor’s future?

Kate Field lives in Lancashire with her husband, daughter and cat. Her debut novel won the Romantic Novelists’ Association Joan Hessayon Award for new writers. Kate writes heartwarming, uplifting love stories and her latest novel, Finding Home, is available now from Amazon and other retailers. Find out more about Kate at https://www.amazon.co.uk/kindle-dbs/entity/author/B00J18F3PY and follow her on Twitter @katehaswords

The Treasure Seekers, by Mary Jayne Baker

Joely Fox is desperate to raise the deposit money to buy back her childhood home. When she and best friend Toby are accepted as contestants on The Great British Antique Swap gameshow, Joely pins all her hopes of buying Bluebird Cottage on winning the £20,000 prize. Can Miss Moonshine lend a helping hand with the aid of a mysterious wooden clock?

Mary Jayne Baker is a novelist from Bingley, West Yorkshire. Since her debut in 2016 she has published eight romantic comedies, including A Question of Us, which was the winner of the Romantic Novelists' Association's Romantic Comedy of the Year Award 2020. Mary Jayne also writes humorous, emotional women's fiction under the name Lisa Swift, and World War Two sagas as Gracie Taylor. Find out more about Mary Jayne at https://www.maryjaynebaker.co.uk/ and follow her on Twitter @MaryJayneBaker

Ginny’s Ghost, by Helen Pollard

Ginny could do without the strange noises she’s begun to hear in her new flat at Haven Bridge Mills. She thinks she can do without Graham Crowe, a man with a very strange profession who turns up on her doorstep to offer his help. But with a local journalist intent on making her life difficult and rumours that the mill is haunted circulating, Ginny is forced to give in. Will they find the cause of the disturbance? And will she discover that she has more in common with this stranger than she first thought?

As a child, Helen Pollard had a vivid imagination fuelled by her love of reading (long past her bedtime!) so she started to create her own stories in a notebook. Now a bestselling author of contemporary romance, she believes that good characterisation is the key to a successful book and loves infusing her writing with humour and heart. Helen is a member of the Romantic Novelists' Association and the Society of Authors. Find out more about Helen at https://www.amazon.co.uk/Helen-Pollard/e/B00O2E0BRC and find her on Twitter at @helenpollard147

I Shall Wear Purple, by Melinda Hammond

Inspired by a true story from the author’s own family, this is a tale of two people who are no longer in the first flush of youth. Seeing a pretty tea service in a strange little shop in Haven Bridge, retired vet Dan Hartley sets out on a nostalgia trip. He visits places and meets friends he thought he had left behind him, including Jeannie, his childhood sweetheart. Time has passed, they have both moved on, but can Miss Moonshine work her magic to give them another chance?

Melinda Hammond is a West Country girl who spent 30 happy years in the Yorkshire Pennines walking the moors and thinking up her stories. In 2018 she decided to realise a lifelong ambition to live by the sea and now writes her award-winning romantic historical adventures from her new home in the Scottish Highlands. Melinda also writes as Sarah Mallory for Harlequin Mills & Boon and has published more than 50 novels. Find out more about Melinda at http://www.melindahammond.com/ and follow her on Twitter @SarahMRomance 

Music, Love and Other Languages, by Helena Fairfax

Edith O’Brien comes across a wonderful violin in Miss Moonshine’s emporium. The violin seems to have a mind of its own, playing exuberant folk tunes from the past. When Edith puts a video of her playing on TikTok, she receives a message from a stranger. What is the mystery of the violin’s past? Only Miss Moonshine has the answer…

Helena Fairfax is a freelance editor and author of romantic fiction, as well as a non-fiction social history called Struggle and Suffrage in Halifax: Women’s Lives and the Fight for Equality. Readers can subscribe to her newsletter for book news, photos of her beloved Yorkshire moors, and the occasional free stuff.  Find Helena on Twitter @HelenaFairfax


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