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10 February 2023

Book review: West: Tales of the Lost Lands, by Martin Wall

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In his foreword musician Robert Plant says, ‘I stand aside as Martin Wall illuminates and weaves in conversation and narrative.’  I understood as I began to read this uniquely whimsical book. There is no question that Martin Wall is a talented storyteller, yet our journey into the ‘lost’ lands, which I would call the Welsh Marches, is not straightforward.

The author leads us down an ancient path full of unexpected twists and turns. Partly autobiographical, his interest in the history of the places he refers to is lively and interesting – yet often unexpected. For example, an unlikely ‘sighting’ of the ghost of Lady Jane Grey turns into an exploration of her short life.

His lyrical style is captivating, and this is a book you can open at any page and learn something, if only that there is always another point of view. 

Tony Riches

Disclosure: A review copy of this book was kindly provided by the publishers, Amberley

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About the Author

Martin Wall inherited his passionate interest in local history and folklore from his father and has been writing about these subjects for ten years. He lectures historical groups on a variety of subjects and acts as a gallery interpreter in his spare time. He is the author of 'Warriors and Kings', 'The Anglo Saxon Age' and 'The Magical History of Britain'. He has a long-standing interest in Adult and Community Education.

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