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29 December 2023

Book Review: The Traitor's Apprentice (Lord's Legacy Book 2) by Eleanor Swift-Hook

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Late September 1642. A bloody civil war is tearing the kingdoms apart. But, in Yorkshire, some are striving for a countywide Treaty of Neutrality, in the hope of maintaining peace and order.mon those loyal to the crown to fight for him against his own Parliament.

This is the second book I've read in Eleanor Swift-Hook's 'Lord's Legacy' series, and although each would work as a 'stand alone' I recommend reading these books in order, to appreciate the nuances of her storytelling. 

The start of 'The Traitor's Apprentice' is worthy of an Agatha Christie mystery as a succession of people are found dead under suspicious circumstances. Surprisingly no one seems too concerned, so it falls to lawyer turned mercenary, Gideon Lennox, to turn detective.

His efforts culminate in a riveting 'trial', and although I expected Lennox to survive, it was by no means certain he could do so unscathed.  

I particularly liked the way the author continues to develop all the characters, but particularly Gideon Lennox and the enigmatic Philip Lord. Secrets are revealed which raise more questions, and the looming English Civil War leaves little doubt where we will be going with book three in the series!

Tony Riches 
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About the Author

Eleanor Swift-Hook enjoys the mysteries of history and fell in love with the early Stuart era at university when she re-enacted battles and living history events with the English Civil War Society. Since then, she has had an ongoing fascination with the social, military and political events that unfolded during the Thirty Years' War and the Wars of the Three Kingdoms. She lives in County Durham and loves writing stories woven into the historical backdrop of those dramatic times. You can find out more about the background of Lord's Legacy on her website and find her on Twitter @emswifthook

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