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5 February 2024

Book Review: The Physician's Fate: Book Four of Lord's Legacy, by Eleanor Swift-Hook

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Paris, December 1642: Gideon Lennox is now employed by Sir Philip Lord, a notorious mercenary commander with a mysterious past. When Lord is sent to Paris to present King Charles’ condolences to his brother-in-law, King Louis, Gideon is at his side.

For the first tine in this series the action moves to Paris. Christmas is approaching, but this is no holiday. as danger and intrigue lurk in every shadowy alleyway.

This is the fourth book of the Lord's legacy series and shifts up another gear with a dual narrative. I kept picking up the book, even when I had important things to do, as I wanted to know if I'd guessed right about what happened next. (I invariably found I was wrong.)

As always with this series, there are plenty of surprises, and deft touches of historical authenticity which make me want to learn more about this period. 
Although The Physician's Fate would work well as a stand-alone, I recommend starting with book one of the series to fully appreciate the impressive scale and depth of Eleanor Swift-Hook's skilled storytelling.   

Tony Riches

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About the Author

Eleanor Swift-Hook enjoys the mysteries of history and fell in love with the early Stuart era at university when she re-enacted battles and living history events with the English Civil War Society. Since then, she has had an ongoing fascination with the social, military and political events that unfolded during the Thirty Years' War and the Wars of the Three Kingdoms. She lives in County Durham and loves writing stories woven into the historical backdrop of those dramatic times. You can find out more about the background of Lord's Legacy on her website and find her on Twitter @emswifthook

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