13 January 2014

Smart Formatting: How to format and upload your novel to Kindle, Smashwords and CreateSpace by @ShaunaBickley

Ever wondered how to format your manuscript for uploading to Amazon Kindle and Smashwords? This book gives practical advice on the Word settings to use (and those to avoid) and includes step-by-step guidelines to produce a clean manuscript ready for uploading.

It also covers the steps required to format your manuscript for a print book using CreateSpace.

This handy reference covers:
  • The elements you need ready before uploading your manuscript.
  • MS Word settings to use, how to create and modify styles, indented and block paragraphs, and how to build a Table of Contents using bookmarks and hyperlinks.
  • Formatting for Kindle and Smashwords.
  • Uploading to Kindle and Smashwords.
  • Formatting and uploading a paperback to CreateSpace.
This book has instructions for using MS Word on a Windows PC system. It does not have guidelines for using a Mac, and does not cover how to write and edit a book.

Click here for your free PDF copy of the MS Word section - containing additional screenshots.

About the author

Shauna Bickley was born and grew up in Bristol, England, then moved to Cyprus for a couple of years. Since then she has lived and worked in a number of countries before moving to Auckland, New Zealand, close to the beach. Her latest novel, Lies of the Dead, is a mystery/thriller set in Cornwall. Lives Interrupted is a contemporary novel set in London against the backdrop of a bombing, and looks at how the characters react and deal with this unthinkable atrocity. Driftwood is a romantic thriller set in New Zealand and Australia. Shauna has also published a selection of short stories, Footprints, and had short stories published in Bravado (a New Zealand literary magazine), as well as several competition anthologies, and had articles published in The New Writer. Visit her Website: www.shaunabickley.com and folklow Shauna on Twitter: @ShaunaBickley

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