14 June 2012

New eBook: Terra Nova: Antarctic Voyager

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  1. tis on my wish list:) have had a thing about antartica since I was 11 (now heading for 70:( and this promises to be another good read - I visted the continent myself about 20years ago and it more than lived up to childhood dreams

  2. Thanks Alberta I enjoyed researching this book - and would really like to visit Scott's hut

  3. Didn't get to his hut more's the pity but the place is amazing - do try and get there sometime - although I understand it is crawling with tourists now:) mustnt complain I was once one - haven't got your book yet just wanted to ask are you planning on a smashword edition - I have a sony reader and would rather read it on the reader - if I download the kindle I will have to read it on the computer which isn't such a nice experience- just asking?

    have share your post on the Queen - so all the best with your first fiction - from a fellow Brit with Welsh roots

  4. What a great book trailer !!!

    Doris @111publishing


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