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9 October 2012

The Girl, the Gold Tooth & Everything by Francine LaSala

This latest novel by Francine LaSala is a fast-paced, richly layered, and darkly humorous satire filled with quirky characters and unforgettable moments of humanity.

Mina Clark is losing her mind—or maybe it’s already gone. She isn’t quite sure. Feeling displaced in her over-priced McMansion-dotted suburban world, she is grappling not only with deep debt, a mostly absent husband, and her playground-terroriser 3-year old Emma, but also with a significant amnesia she can’t shake - a “temporary” condition now going on several years, brought on by a traumatic event she cannot remember, and which everyone around her feels is best forgotten. 

When a trip to the dentist leaves Mina with a new gold crown, her whole life changes. Slowly her memory and her mojo return. But when everything begins to crash down around her, she's not sure if what's happening is real, of if she's just now fully losing her mind... especially when she realizes the only person she can trust is the one she fears the most.  What’s it all going to cost her in the end? 

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Francine LaSala has authored and collaborated over thirty works of nonfiction and edited numerous best-selling novels through her company, Francine LaSala Productions. She lives in New York with her husband and two daughters. Visit Francine online at and follow her on twitter.

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