16 April 2013

Book Launch - City of Paradise by Hannah Alazhar

The ultimate Faustian tale of destruction, ‘City of Paradise’ charts the rise and spectacular fall of Kelly-Lee, a homeless runaway, Blake Colvin, a bisexual Christian, and Erin O’Brian, the long-suffering woman between them. What follows is a dark, often hilarious journey down the rabbit hole of fame with their struggling band Gutterpunk Kings, who must battle their demons, vengeful ghosts, and the dark heart which beats at the centre of their lives; a lethal love triangle which threatens to destroy them all. 

The road to glory is paved with demons. But in the City of Paradise, it’s the monsters of the mind which are so much harder to outrun...

Not since Hubert Selby’s ‘Requiem for a Dream’ has a book so unflinchingly, incisively plumped the sweetly-scented, poisonous dungeons buried at the heart of the American Dream. 
– Jonathan Shaw (Author of Narcisa – Our Lady of Ashes)

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