1 April 2013

Guest Post by Erren Grey Wolf Author of Beneath the Surface: The Lost Boy

In the future, on a distant world, Sean Archer seeks redemption by hunting the haunted forest for the little brother he so carelessly abandoned out of grief for the death of their mother. His only hope that the lost boy survived was if a pack of wolves had adopted him, for surely a two-year-old would never live for long in the great Mississauga Forest.

I am very happy to have finished Beneath the Surface: The Lost Boy. The sequel, Long Lost Brother, will be out soon. I thoroughly enjoyed the writing process. I had some of these stories in my head since I was a teenager and to finally write about them and publish them is amazing! Once I began to type them into my computer, these stories exploded into an entire saga. The creativity just gushed out of me like Niagara Falls! I have most of the series finished already, but need to put the finishing touches to each book before I publish them. I have been working on this series for about eight years now and hope to get the third book out later this year.

At first, The Lost Boy was a huge book with over 178,000 words in it. One literary agent said that was way too big for the first novel in a science fiction series, so I split this massive volume into two books. Part three of the first edition of The Lost Boy is now Book Two: Long Lost Brother. If you are one of the few who have read the first edition of The Lost Boy, you do not need to read Long Lost Brother. The next book in the series is book three, which was formerly entitled, The Triad, but has been changed. Wait and see!

In Beneath the Surface: The Lost Boy, an unusual boy is born on a spaceship bound for the planet Midgard, but his very birth brings sorrow to his family. Out of grief for the death of their mother, Sean Archer blames and abandons his baby brother in the forest by an old oak tree. He goes away hunting, never realizing the full consequences of his heartless act. The mysterious Queen of the Forest finds the sad, abandoned child and comforts him. She notices he is able to see her subjects, the elementals (fairies) of her forest, and feels connected to him.

While she holds the child in her arms, she gazes into his future, but upon witnessing visions of horrific events, she decides to steal him away into the Otherworld to protect him. When Sean returns and finds Erren gone, guilt strikes him down and he becomes repentant. He sees his mother’s spirit and she tells him, “The forest took him.” Sean then begins his noble quest to find his lost brother, to right the wrong he had done, unaware his search is awakening his latent telepathic gift. Inevitably, he comes to realize the longer he hunts, the more he doubts his sanity. The forest becomes haunted and there is a battle of wills as the mystical Queen Elaya tries to stop him from taking her little boy.

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