17 December 2013

Stephen King on the Craft of Short Story Writing


  1. Than you so much for posting this on Twitter it caught my eye and I have now pinched it and posted it on my blog! http://lauracrean.wordpress.com/2013/12/17/stephen-king-on-the-short-story/ - really enjoyed watching that - thanks!

  2. Hi Laura - it's good to be reminded about the power of short stories :)

  3. Hi Tony a great and timely post. I started writing my first book Gemini as a series of short stories and then I joined them up. The last time I looked at the first of five books was last March and I ground to a halt. Now in my review and edit this month the first book is now a series of short stories all linked up and I will follow this structure for the whole five books. As a disciple of SK and his On Writing book I was interested in his comments. Perhaps my concern about the length of some 5k to 6k stories is misplaced. Alexander.


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