13 December 2013

What are you waiting for? START WRITING! ~ Guest Post by Madeline Courtney

Hey, guys! This is my first guest blog, so here goes. My name is Madeline Courtney and I'm a Writer from Carthage, Missouri.  I'm seventeen years old and I'm self-publishing my first novel, THE CASE OF IRENE ADLER, which is a retelling of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's A SCANDAL IN BOHEMIA. It is also the first book in my Sherlock Holmes series.

So, I'm going to blog about Writing and my routines. I chose this topic because a lot of people (followers on Twitter, emails, etc.) have asked me how I make time to write a whole novel and continue going to school. My answer to this question is always the same. If you really want to do something then you'll make time. It's also easier because, after suffering from very serious bullying at school, I am being homeschooled and taking classes online. Because of this, I am not only publishing my first novel, but also graduating highschool a whole year early.

I have a very strict schedule, as all Writers should, and I follow it completely.

As of lately, my grandparents have had the laptop so I've been having to use the desktop (not fun, as it is located right in the middle of the living room, where everyone likes to hang out.) 

I force myself to push through it by plugging in my headphones and turning them up all the way to drown out the noise of the TV and family talking. My family know that if they want to talk to while I'm writing they either text me or wait until I'm done.
Usually I try to write two to three hours everyday without a break except for more British Tea. I guess, what I'm trying to say is, if you want to write a book YOU HAVE TO HAVE A CAVE. There is no other way around it. At least for one hour a day you have to go into The Cave and just WRITE because if you don't you never will. If you want people to take you seriously as a Writer, you have to take being a Writer seriously.

Ksenia Anske (@kseniaanske on twitter) is a big inspiration for me because she helped talk me into writing to deal with my depression.  If you can get past the Blocks, the lack of confidence (we all get it!), and everything else you should really try Writing. It's a wonderful way to relax and it's brilliant for therapy (part of the reason I started!) Writing THE CASE OF IRENE ADLER has helped me escape my depression. My best friend Melissa has always been supportive of my dream and for that I am thankful. I guess you could say I write because I have to. 

I am a Writer. I am a survivor. And I hope everyone who reads my novel will finally understand the real me.  If you ever want to talk about Writing or publishing or just need to talk I am on twitter  @MaddieC123  my blog is MadelineCourtney.blogspot.com and you can email me MadelineCourtney58@gmail.com


  1. Thanks for a great guest post Maddie - I wish I'd had the inspiration to start writing at seventeen!

  2. Me too! I did not start writing until I past 66 years old, but have now passed writing 965,000 draft words in 43 months. I was spurred on by Goethe's saying about if you want to do things in life you have to make a start and then lots of doors open. You seem to have followed his advice, so well done. All the best Alexander of Allrighters and Ywnwab!

  3. Glad I'm helping, Maddie - here is to more writing!!! xoxo


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