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8 May 2014

2014 Global eBook Market Trends and Developments

In discussion with Belgian author Bob Van Laerhoven recently, I was reminded how diverse the European eBook marketplace is, with eBooks yet to have much impact in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Trends in the global eBook market are changing rapidly, however, so the Spring 2014 update of the Global eBook Report makes interesting reading.

The new report aims to present the latest data, with comparisons and analysis of the development of eBook markets across Europe and the US. There are interesting pointers of new and emerging markets, as well as a useful analysis of the diverse eBook pricing strategies in markets across Europe, and an overview of key activities of global players, particularly Amazon, with estimated market shares in the main markets.

Among the many possibilities is that, as with mobile phones, digital eBooks will enable developing countries to ‘leap-frog’ the path taken by more established book markets, without the publishing industry, agents and booksellers acting as ‘gatekeepers’. The report considers eBbook markets have been driven very much by best-selling titles from either the largest publishing groups or from a small number highly successful self-published authors (with some controversy about respective market share).

There are several thought-provoking ideas in the report, including that the potential of eBooks has yet to be fully realised, as development is still in its early stages. The result could be the emergence of something completely different from marketing printed books through digital channels.

The report is written by Rüdiger Wischenbart, with Carlo Carrenho (Brazil), Javier Celaya (Spain), Veronika Licher (China), Miha Kovac (Central and East Europe) and Vinutha Mallya (India).

Download the full report free from

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