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31 May 2014

Book Launch: Atonement for Emily Adams by Susan Lawrence

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When Emily Adams hits and kills ten-year-old Isaiah Nelson with her car, she is overwhelmed with remorse. Knowing she cannot undo this tragedy, Emily hopes to atone for Isaiah’s death with good deeds and community service. 

However, the more she does, the more her life falls apart. With her job on the line, her volunteer efforts fruitless, and her marriage in jeopardy, the final blow comes when Isaiah’s grieving parents file a wrongful death suit. For them, this will be justice and closure, but for Emily this is final proof she will never be forgiven. Not by Isaiah’s parents—not by God. Where do you turn when “I’m sorry” isn’t enough? 

All author's proceeds go to Pour International, a non-profit agency, for the building of an abandoned baby home in Swaziland.  For more information about Pour International go to

This story will wring your heart, but the satisfying resolution will leave you smiling. Yvonne Anderson, Author of The Story in the Stars, 2012 ACFW Carol Award Finalist

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About the Author

Susan Lawrence taught elementary school for 26 years before hanging up her chalkboard to write and speak. Atonement for Emily Adams is her first novel. Susan lives in the woods of Iowa with her husband and yellow Lab, Annie E.  Susan has 3 children and 7 grandchildren who love to hear her stories. You can find out more on her website at and on Twitter @susanrlawrence

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