7 August 2014

Book Review: THE MINE by John A. Heldt

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I really enjoyed John A. Heldt’s time-travel love story, full of engaging likeable characters and interesting period details. His adventurous hero, Joel Smith, is someone you’d want to have on your side - good in a scrap (and anything he turns his hand to) yet sensitive to the needs of his friends.

As with all the best time-bending stories, there is always the danger that he’ll do some small thing that entirely changes the future, such as finding his twenty-one year old grandmother worryingly attractive!

It’s helpful of course, that he knows his sporting stats well enough for the occasional wager to pay off big time – and that all the ladies are fighting over him. The problem is that he knows too much, such as the outbreak of WW2, which hangs heavily over his new life. Does he dare to warn his friends? Does he even want to return to the present day?

John A. Heldt deserves his reputation as a story teller - and THE MINE is definitely one to add to your  ‘to-read’ list. Highly recommended.

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About the Author

John A. Heldt is the author of the critically acclaimed Northwest Passage series. The former reference librarian and award-winning sportswriter has loved getting subjects and verbs to agree since writing book reports on baseball heroes in grade school.

A graduate of the University of Oregon and the University of Iowa, Heldt is an avid fisherman, sports fan, home brewer, and reader of thrillers and historical fiction. When not sending contemporary characters to the not-so-distant past, he weighs in on literature and life at johnheldt.blogspot.com. You can also find John on Twitter @johnheldt, as well as Facebook and Goodreads.

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