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14 August 2014

Book Review ~ Renatus by Ryan Link

The United States is no more. Over the course of the early 22nd century, it has dissolved into a set of hostile splinter nations; some have prospered, some have not. But Aldon Prandtel doesn't care about any of that. Years ago he lost his family, descended into despair, and ended up living on the streets of northern St. Louis. Now, his only objectives are to stay alive.
What he doesn't know is that those in power have plans for him
that aim to shake the new world order . . . 

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Renatus is one of those imaginative dystopian novellas that has you hooked from the start and leave you wanting more.  In Ryan Link’s bleak vision of the world a hundred years from now, a scientist lives on the dangerous city streets, addicted to a strange drug, until he is ‘rescued’ for a secret mission of national importance.

I enjoyed every minute of it, from the convincing technical details you would expect from an author with Ryan Link’s background, to the well observed characters. I even felt some sympathy for the men guarding our hero’s door, as each has a hint of back story that makes them real.

By the time I was half way through I was already speculating about who should be cast in a movie version. There is plenty of scope for ideas in this book to be developed in the future, so I look forward to seeing a sequel. If you are want something fast-paced and thought provoking, I recommend Renatus. 

Tony Riches 

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About the Author

Ryan Link is is a native Texan who lives in Houston with his wife of eleven years and their two chihuahuas. He works as a modeling and simulation analyst in the energy industry and holds a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from the University of Houston. Some of his favorite authors and influences are Frank Herbert, Alastair Reynolds, George R. R. Martin, and H. P. Lovecraft.  Ryan has published a number of short stories in addition to his novella and is currently working on a full-length science-fiction literary-style novel. Find out more at his website and find him on Facebook and Twitter: @RLinkAuthor

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